Apongozi TV Series

Apongozi TV Series

Apongozi is a new and exciting Television series produced by renowned HD Plus Creations who previously produced the highly anticipated, Fatsani movie.

The series officially premiered on Zodiak Television in December 2022 and was airing on Zodiak’s Facebook page and HD Plus Creations’ YouTube channel.

Apongozi is a dramatic comedy that revolves around a modern-day Chikamwini (Matrilocal) family run by Wakondiye Kawaza (Apongozi), who has five daughters and a son.

The series depicts the story of Wakondiye who stays in a compound with her sons-in-law and their respective wives.

The 9-episode season was produced by Hastings Golosi and commissioned by Growth Accelerator Malawi.

Golosi said he was inspired by the radio drama series Zimachitika and Tilitonse.

“I got the inspiration way back, I used to listen to Zimachitika and Tilitonse… I come from the background of listening to a lot of stories from my grandparents. Growing up in the southern region also inspired me where there are a lot of tea rooms. I realised [that] there are a lot of things that happen. Imagine, a strong woman controlling a bunch of men, how can it look like? That’s how I got the inspiration to have a strong woman who has a lot of son in laws, she should have strict rules, so basically, that’s how I got the inspiration,” Golosi explained.

The Apongozi series has been received well by the masses, having thousands watching the series on Zodiak’s Facebook page.

The producers said they have been largely encouraged by the reception they have received after premiering the first season of the series.

Golosi said he believes the series has been received well by a lot of people because it was easily accessed by the masses.

Golosi further explained that his Apongozi has been watched by a lot of people unlike his other production, Fatsani.

The series has even claimed the hearts of the young generation to the surprise of Golosi who expected grownups only to fall in love with the series.

Golosi said: “We realised that even this new generation was following the series, I remember I went out and I met people talking about Apongozi… surprisingly they don’t watch using their phones, they watch on TV… That’s when I knew that we have made it.”

The 20-minute episodes featured the late Maria Chidzanja Nkhoma who played the titular role.

Her untimely demise before the release of the series was a big blow to the production team and the series’ official release was delayed for months.

Golosi said that the whole series was created with Maria Chidzanja Nkhoma in mind hence the delay with the release as they were planning on the next move as well as mourning the multi-talented Chidzanja.

The season was dedicated to Chidzanja for her impeccable performance in Apongozi.

The season finale had a lot of spectators in the dark concerning the future of the newly beloved series.

Golosi however emphasized that they will continue to produce subsequent seasons.

On the issue of when people should expect season 2, Golosi said they will soon issue a press release announcing the dates of production and release.

“Season 2 is going to be amazing. There is a lot of drama coming, there is a lot of conflicts coming and there are a lot of surprises coming,” Golosi said.

The multilingual series uses English, Chiwemba, Shona, and Chichewa, as a way of penetrating other countries.

Apongozi will soon be available on local streaming platforms to increase access to the series.

Golosi reiterated that the series will continue to be produced for several seasons and christened it as ‘more than a TV show’.