Blantyre Arts Festival at Njamba Freedom Park, Blantyre

Blantyre Arts Festival

About Blantyre Arts Festival

Number of People Attended Last Event 3,000
Date of Event October
Entrance Fee Free Entry

Held in Blantyre over three to four days, the Blantyre Arts Festival (BAF) is an annual festival that was established in 2009 by Thomas Chibambo with the aim to respond to the need for development and promotion of various aspects of arts and culture by organizing events, festivals, cultural exchanges and local and international performances.

BAF also provides a platform to not only local and international artists but also to the youth on local and international artists but also to the youth on local and international levels.

Additionally, BAF runs cultural tailored projects that present the best of Malawian creativity to the widest possible audience and also provides social and creativity development trainings, capacity building and cultural initiative programmes to uplift tourism, creativity and the enhancement of arts and culture.

BAF has established various partnerships with schools and the students use the knowledge earned to address the challenges which affect their livelihood.

The last BAF took place in 2019 and close to 3,000 people attended over a period of 3 days.

This year, BAF is rebranding so for the first time ever, there will be no entrance fee for the festival.

The idea is to provide an opportunity to corporate for their products to be viewed by many.

It is also to give the audience a chance to view the arts without any restrictions in terms of entry fees.

Contact Details

TEL +265 (0) 888 894 271, +265 (0) 882 690 580