Hiking Bunda Mountain (Lilongwe)

Bunda Mountain

Basic Information about Bunda Mountain

Basic Information

Hiking Difficulty Scale:

Estimated Hiking Time: 2 Hours

Height: 1,159m above sea level

Birds to be seen: Yellow-bellied Sunbird & Blue Waxbill

Best Season to Hike: May-September (The views from the top are clearer and relatively cool.)

Views from the Top: 1. Ngala Mountain, 2. Bunda College, 3. Bunda Dam, 4. Malingunde Dam, 5. Lilongwe Township

Going up the Mountain

The Bunda Mountain hike is short and easy for experienced hikers.

We recommend this mountain for beginners due to its short distance.

The mountain is rocky and doesn’t have any tree coverage, so do apply some sunscreen to prevent sunburn during sunny days.

Remember to stretch your muscles before and after the climb as the mountain is mostly an incline and this takes a toll on your back and thigh muscles.

Bring a bottle of water and maybe a snack for when you reach the top and need to re-energise.

The breathtaking views and cool clean breeze you will experience on this hike are unforgettable.

Route to the Summit

1. To get to the mountain, you need to take this unmarked left turn that goes into the quarry region of Bunda. It is hard to miss as it has the blank white pillar.


2. As you progress with the road , you will find the Bunda quarry. The years of quarry mining created a crater that fills up with water during rainy seasons and creates an overall beautiful scenery.


3. As you begin your hike up, you will notice that from the beginning it is an incline up the rocky mountain. The air almost immediately feels cleaner and fresher as you continue to conquer the rock.


4. Almost halfway up the hike, there is a grassy patch of land that splits the trail into two. The left path is solid ground and grass whilst the right trail is still part of the rocky terrain.


5. The views are breathtaking, in a distance you can see Kamuzu Dam (Malingunde Dam), Ngala Mountain and the beauty of the Bunda Forest.


6. Goal!!! The scenic views and the beautifully decorated top of the mountain named “Moses Highway” gives off a relaxing and pleasing atmosphere.


7. “Mose Highway”. You will notice these stop stacked houses that people use when they come up the mountain for prayers.

Getting to Bunda Mountain

Time: 40 minutes drive from Lilongwe

Distance: 30km via Bypass Road