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Carnelian Hangout (Continental Cuisine) in Lilongwe

Carnelian Hangout

About Carnelian Hangout

Name Carnelian Hangout
Location Area12/157, Lilongwe
Phone +265 (0) 889 762 536 / +265 (0) 997 695 462
Opening Hours 10:30 – 19:30 (Sun-Fri), Closed on Saturday

Carnelian Hangout is a restaurant with a quiet atmosphere in Area 12, Lilongwe.

It offers a wide range of international cuisine, including Spanish dishes called Empanada, Mexican dishes called Tostada and Greek Salad, all at affordable prices.

The name of the restaurant, Carnelian Hangout, was given in the hope that it would be a place where people could easily hang out with friends.

In the large garden, you can relax with friends with a meal or a drink in hand.