Chiponde Beach Resort in Likoma

Chiponde Beach Resort

Basic Information about Chiponde Beach Resort

Name Chiponde Beach Resort
Location Likoma
Phone +265 (0) 990 358 459
Whatsapp +265 (0) 999 458 651
Email chipondebeachresort@outlook.com

Chiponde Lodge is one of the newest lodges on Likoma Island.

The British owner, Ian, first set foot in Likoma 29 years ago as a backpacker and camped under a baobab tree.

He was so impressed by the experience that he constantly thought about it, and in 2020 he opened this lodge in exactly the same location.

The outside bar and restaurant named ‘Malipenga Bar’ is very welcoming and the prices are reasonable enough to cater to locals.

The chicken curry and tacos are highly recommended.

The rooms are very clean and neat and the view from the upside deck with the cool breeze is stunning.

The lodge is ideal for honeymoons or for those who want to spend quality time with friends and family.

The lodge is also popular with the locals as it hosts music events during weekends.


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