Dedza Pottery Lodge in Dedza

Dedza Pottery Lodge

Basic Information about Dedza Pottery Lodge

Name Dedza Pottery Lodge
Location The turn off to the Dedza Pottery Lodge is clearly signposted on the M1 road
Phone +265 (0) 888 853 425 / +265 (0) 991 162 664
Email dedzapottery@gmail.com
Check in 11:00
Check out 14:00

Located in the Dedza Pottery’s beautiful grounds, the lodge has 6 spacious rooms which are located conveniently near to the restaurant.

The lodge has mains electricity and a back-up generator.

There is a also a campsite on the lodge grounds and an ablution block with hot showers.

Accommodation rates include breakfast.

Visa is accepted.


Getting to Dedza Pottery Lodge