Eden Estate and Lodge in Lilongwe

Eden Estate and Lodge in Lilongwe

About Eden Estate & Lodge

Name Eden Estate & Lodge
Location 11kms away from the Gate Way Mall Roundabout
Phone +265 (0) 998 993 336 / +265 (0) 997 368 932
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday

Sunset Drive to Eden Estate & Lodge

Lilongwe city is one of the very few places in Malawi that has a flat landscape.

With this lack of surrounding mountains it gives us the best views for the most beautiful sights for sunsets and sunrise.

One of many such locations is Eden Estate & Lodge, along the Airwing Road.

It provides sweet silent escape from the noise and crowds allowing you to relax and enjoy the views and colours created by the Sunset whilst enjoying a meal or drink of your choice.

Below is a detailed guide on how you can also plan to enjoy a beautiful sunset at Eden Estate and Lodge.

Enjoy the Sunset at Eden Estate & Lodge

Check for Month & Sunset Time in Lilongwe

Sunset Time in Lilongwe by MonthSunset Time in Lilongwe by Month 1st January 18:16 1st ...

Dinner & Cocktails

Eden has the most qualified chefs and waiters to make sure they provide the best experience when it comes to dining.

From snacks, whole meals to drinks and cocktails, you will definitely get your money’s worth of both service and cuisine.

Other Activities at Eden

Eden has a beautiful swimming pool for those who are swimming enthusiasts.

The pool is also children friendly and has a large shallow end space for families looking to swim with your children on the weekends.

There is also spacious outdoor playground for kids to play in while the parents relax.

There is also a fish pond and fishing is allowed for guests on this pond.

The guests have to bring their own fishing rod and bait to use to catch fish i the pond.

The pond area is also a popular sight for birds in the late afternoons as the sunsets.

For those bird watchers, this is an opportunity to see the species that nest around this area.

Sunset Deck

Getting to Eden Estate & Lodge