Kapani Kanengo Shopping Mall in Lilongwe

Kapani Kanengo Mall

About Kapani Kanengo Mall

Name Kapani Kanengo Shopping Centre
Location Area 29, Kanengo Route, Lilongwe
Phone +265 (0) 993 506 601
Opening Hours 7:30-17:30 (Mon-Fri)
8:00-17:00 (Sat & Sun)

For individuals seeking the best dinning and shopping experience in Lilongwe, Kapani Kanengo Mall is a must-visit place.

Located in Area 29 along the Kanengo route, the mall comprises of FOOD LOVER’S supermarket that has a range of products from baked goods, sea foods, fresh meat, drinks, snacks and fruits.

Situated within the mall are 11 other shops ranging from a pharmacy, a clothing shop, a printing service, an electronics shop, a souvenir shop, a salon, a pet shop, a furniture shop and a gift shop.

Not only that, the back of the mall also has a workshop, refrigeration and electrical appliance repairs, tailoring services, fumigation services, a hardware and a wholesale shop selling farm produce as well as food and drinks that can be bought in bulk.

One of the major highlights of Kapani Kanengo Mall is its café named ‘FAT CAT CAFÉ’.

It offers a variety of meals and drinks at affordable prices.

From cozy seating areas decorated in Malawian ‘chitenje’ to a dedicated kid’s section and menu, fat cat café offers everything for everyone making it the perfect spot to sit and refuel during a day of shopping.

But it is not just about the products.

The mall also provides exceptional customer service.

Nathalie Swart, the director of operations and her team ensure that all visitors feel valued and appreciated.

“We saw that there are no shops that cater for everyone’s needs. So, the idea is to create a one-stop center where customers can get anything they need. Our mall provides that and exceptional customer services. Each shop owner guides you to get what you need and strive to get what they do not have” she explained.

To stay competitive in the market, Kapani Kanengo Mall regularly engages with other businesses to guide their services and pricing.

Additionally, they actively seek input from customers to ensure that their services outline with customer needs.

Accessibility is also another plus factor as the mall is located along the M1 road and has parking spaces for everyone.

With their exclusive discount offer of 10% off every Wednesday for all shops within the mall, there’s even more reasons to plan your next shopping trip to this destination.

Looking ahead, the mall has ambitious plans of expansion.

With focus on catering to a wider range of needs, they aim to introduce more shops alongside local dishes by their open grill shop.

Whether you are searching for unique gifts, a delicious meal, electronic devices, medicine or simply a quite time to unwind with friends and family, Kapani Kanengo Mall is the wise choice.

Getting to Kapani Kanengo Mall