Likhubula Pools in Mulanje, Malawi

Likhubula Pools

About Likhubula Pools

Likhubula Pools is a natural swimming pool located just after entering Mount Mulanje from the Likhubula Gate.

Likhubula Falls, a 1 hour and 30 minute walk from the gate, is also popular, but Likhubula Pools is also a good option for those who want to swim in a natural pool, but do not have much time or do not want to climb the mountain.

Why not blow off the heat and fatigue of the day in the cool, natural pools formed from the river flowing from Mount Mulanje and large rocks?

For those coming by car, parking is available.

There is an entry fee to the mountain of MK1,000 per person, MK500 for a car and the following parking fees.

Car MK2,000
Mini Bus MK3,000
Overland Truck MK4,000

Getting to Likhubula Pools