Linga Potteries in Lilongwe

Linga Potteries

About Linga Potteries

Location Along Mchinji Road, Lilongwe
Opening Hours 7:30 – 17:00 (Mon-Sat)
Phone +265 (0) 995 720 402

Established in 2021, Linga Potteries is located along Mchinji Road in Lilongwe.

Led by Chifundo Chiphazi, the shop sells a wide range of pottery collection including lamps, side tables, flowerpots, vases, centrepieces, candleholders, mirrors, wall art and ornamental figurines.

Chifundo emphasizes, “Our workshop meticulously tends to every facet of product development, overseeing each stage from casting and polishing to the painting process.”

The workshop is capable of producing 15,000 pieces of pottery per month.

These pieces are distributed to the Linga Potteries shop along Mchinji Road, as well as to another retail outlet at House of Stitches along Kanengo Road.

If you are looking for pottery in Lilongwe, why not visit this new Linga Potteries?

Getting to Linga Potteries