Symbolism of the Malawi National Flag

Symbolism of the Malawi National Flag

Introduced on 6 July, 1964 by Dr. Kamuzu Banda, the flag showcases three colors; black, red and green with a red rising sun in the black band.





Here is what each color stands for.

BLACK: symbolizes the native people of Malawi and the rest of Africa.

RED: symbolizes the bloodshed of Malawians during the fight for independence.

GREEN: signifies Malawi’s vegetation, fertile lands and natural wealth.

THE RISING SUN: symbolizes a dawn of a new era (freedom).

In 2010, during the presidency of Bingu wa Mutharika, the flag was rearranged to red, black and green.

Additionally, the rising sun was replaced with a full white sun with 45 rays on the center representing the economic progress Malawi made after independence.





However, due to objection from the people, the first flag was restored in 2012 under the presidency of Dr. Joyce Banda.