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Mulanje Pizza in Mulanje

Mulanje Pizza

About Mulanje Pizza

Name Mulanje Pizza
Location Chitakale Roundabout, Mulanje
Phone +265 (0) 881 223 586
+265 (0) 992 801 488
+265 (0) 888 948 093
Opening Hours 9:00-20:00 (Mon-Sun)

Mulanje Pizza is a popular pizzeria located at Chitakale Roundabout in Mulanje.

The thin, crispy pizzas baked in the pizza oven are excellent and a must-try for visitors to Mulanje.

The signature ‘Mulanje Pizza’ with pineapple, salami and mozzarella is highly recommended.

Pizza with pineapple is known as Hawaiian pizza, and this Mulanje pizza is made with pineapple from Mulanje.

It takes only 10-15 minutes from ordering to serving, so waiting time is not long.

Once you try it, you may want to come back to Mulanje for this pizza.

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