The Mushroom Farm Eco-Lodge in Livingstonia

The Mushroom Farm Eco-Lodge

Basic Information about The Mushroom Farm Eco-Lodge

Name The Mushroom Farm Eco-Lodge
Location Livingstonia, Rumphi
Phone +265 (0) 880 173 784
Email themushroomfarmmalawi@gmail.com

Situated on a cliff overlooking Lake Malawi, The Mushroom Farm Eco-Lodge offers visitors an unforgettable opportunity to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature.

The views from the private balconies, hammocks and cliffside restaurant are unforgettable.

They also care for the environment, using 100% solar energy, mountain spring water, composting toilets and a permaculture garden.

*Composting Toilet

The restaurant serves vegetarian dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

There is also fully stocked bar.

Comfortable and affordable accommodation is available in chalets made from natural materials, canvas safari tents and cliff-side campsite.


*The Cob House

Getting to the Mushroom Farm Eco-Lodge