Pakhonde Music Festival at Chingalire Cultural Center in Nsalu, Lilongwe

The Delightful Moments with Pakhonde Music Festival

The Pakhonde Music Festival, now in its second edition, will take place from May 26th to May 28th, 2023 at the Chingalire Cultural Center in Nsalu, Lilongwe.

The festival brings three tireless and sleepless days and nights of music featuring 28 musical groups, showcasing Malawian traditional musical styles.

Organized by Music Crossroads Malawi, the festival will bring together various artists, bands, and dance groups who have perfected their skills in preparation for the event.

According to Mathews Nfune, the director of Music Crossroads Malawi, this is the best traditional festival in the country.

“We have not had a high profile, well organized festival that focuses uniquely on Malawian musical traditions and also on local culture, where people coming to the festival will have a face to face interaction with the community right inside the village to experience real culture. This is probably the first”, Nfune said.

The festival will cover the sphere of Chingalire, where, in addition to music, cultures from various bordering countries will be shared.

Mr. Nfune said attendees will experience a range of cultures from Malawi and other countries.

“The festival will have an international flavor because whilst we will be showcasing our own culture, we will also be getting traditional music from other countries such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Brazil,” he said.

The festival will have two stages: the HIFI (VIP) stage and the Community stage. The cost of enjoying the VIP stage is MK5,000 per day and MK15,000 for three days, while the community stage costs MK1,000 per day and MK3,000 for three days.

The artist lineup includes popular musicians like Lulu, Skeffa Chimoto, Faith Mussa, Atohtmanje, Katelele Ching’oma, among others. The festival has limited space for 3,000 people.

For booking and enquiries, please contact Mr. Mathews Nfune, Director, Music Crossroads Malawi, at +265 (0) 999 916 799.