Queen Victoria Memorial Tower and 6PR Hotchkiss Gun in Mangochi

In the town of Mangochi, near the modern and beautiful Bakili Muluzi Bridge, there is a quaint brick memorial tower erected in 1901 to honour colonial Queen Victoria (1837-1901).

Bakili Muluzi Bridge
Queen Victoria Memorial Tower

Next to the memorial tower is 6 PR Hotchkiss gun taken from the British gunboat, Gwendolen, which patrolled Lake Malawi from 1889 to 1940 and sank the German battleship Hermann von Westmann in 1914, and a stone monument commemorating the lives of the 145 passengers and crew who lost their lives when the MV Vipha sank in 30th July, 1946.

6 PR Hotchkiss Gun
Stone Monument

Close to these monuments is the Lake Malawi Museum, which houses exhibitions on natural and ethnic history, and is a good place to visit if you are interested in the history of Mangochi.

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