Summer Jam Gardens in Lilongwe and Blantyre

Summer Jam Gardens

About Summer Jam Gardens

Number of People Attended Last Event 500
Date of Event November 2022
Entrance Fee MK5,000

The Summer Jam Gardens (SJG) which were established in 2018 are a series of social summer events focusing on funfair events with the best outdoor activities and a stage for music performances.

The event is organized by DJ Nathan Tunes, Alinane Njomole and Chikayiko Nkhoma.

SJG is aimed at promoting up and coming artists, local businesses and outdoor social events.

Since its inception, each Summer Jam has attracted not less than 500 people.

The official Summer Jam 2022 is expected to start in September with various events leading up to the festive season.

Contact Details

TEL +265 (0) 995 348 648


Lilongwe: Stamag, Glalle Gardens, Mingle and N1 cafe
Blantyre: Dominic’s, The Backyard and Bar B Ques