Tumaini Festival at Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Dowa

Tumaini Festival

About Tumaini Festival

Number of People Attended Last Event 30,000
Date of Event First Weekend of November
Entrance Fee Free Entry

Founded by Menes La Plume, the Tumaini Festival was established in 2014 and takes place at Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

The Festival aims at promoting peaceful coexistence between refugees and the host community, promoting mutual understanding and intercultural harmony through the use of entertainment, artistic and cultural expression.

It is an extraordinary example of a large-scale cultural event within a refugee camp, created and run by refugees in collaboration with the host community, for the benefit of both communities.

Across the seven previous editions over 129,000 people have attended the event, and 304 performing acts from across Malawi, Africa and the world shared the same stages with performers from Dzaleka.

Tumaini Festival represents a unique opportunity for refugees to share aspects of their lives with interested visitors, to exhibit and sell their crafts and to feel the hope of connecting to a wider community.

Tumaini Festival has become a community celebration that residents of Dzaleka appreciate as their own event.

Contact Details

TEL +265 (0) 993 380 983