Ulisa Bay Lodge in Likoma

Ulisa Bay Lodge

Basic Information about Ulisa Bay Lodge

Name Ulisa Bay Lodge
Location Likoma
Phone +265 (0) 994 748 707, +265 (0) 999 263 325
Email ulisabaylodge@gmail.com

Ulisa Bay Lodge is an affordable luxury lodge located on the west side of Likoma Island.

The lodge offers a variety of accommodation options, including deluxe chalets, standard chalets, a 7-bed dormitory and a camping site.

All offer spectacular views of Lake Malawi and some of the best sunsets in Malawi.

The well-stocked bar and restaurant has an open wooden deck where you can feel the breeze from the lake, and serves unique dishes made from a variety of home-grown fruit and vegetables.

The lodge is situated on the edge of the busy fishing village of Ulisa, so you can relax in the lodge, mingle with the islanders in the bar, watch the fishing boats at night with their bright lights on, or take a stroll around the village.

There is also a pottery shop on site where you can buy pretty decorated mugs and plates as a memento of your time on the island.

The prices are very reasonable and you may end up buying too much.


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