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Cape Maclear in Mangochi

Cape Maclear

About Cape Maclear

Cape Maclear is one of the busiest resort in Malawi.

It is located in Lake Malawi National Park which was inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

Its clear waters are populated with over a hundred species of colourful cichlid fish.

Cape Maclear in Mangochi, MalawiAbout Cape Maclear Basic Information about Cape Maclear Cape Macle...

Cape Maclear Weekend Trip Itinerary (2 days)

Day 1
8:00 Departure from Lilongwe to Cape Maclear.
12:00 Lunch at Froggies Restaurant in Cape Maclear
14:00 Enjoy Beach Activities
17:00 Sunset at Cape Maclear
18:00 Check in to the Lodge
Day 2
9:00 Boat Trip to Otter Point and Thumbi West Island
13:00 Souvenir Shopping in Cape Maclear
14:00 Return to Lilongwe
18:00 Arrive at Lilongwe

Day 1

8:00   Departure from Lilongwe to Cape Maclear

Begin your trip from Lilongwe to Cape Maclear.

Usually the journey from Lilongwe to Cape Maclear takes about 4 hours via M1, S127 and M10 road.

Time: 4 hour Drive

12:00   Lunch at Froggies Restaurant in Cape Maclear

Name Cape Mac Lodge & Froggies Restaurant
Location Chembe Village, Cape Maclear
Phone +265 (0) 999 412 266
Opening Hours 8:00-21:30 (Tue-Sun)

After arriving at Cape Maclear, we encourage you to visit Froggies Restaurant which offers one of the best French cuisines in Malawi.

Enjoy mouth-watering dishes.

14:00   Enjoy Beach Activities at Cape Mac Lodge

Cape Mac Lodge offers a wide range of activities such as a valley ball coat, a table tennis, a swimming pool, canoes and pedal boats.

17:00   Enjoy the Sunset at Cape Maclear

Cape Maclear is the one of the few places where you can watch the sunset over the Lake Malawi.

18:00   Check in to the Lodge

Lodge Options in Cape Maclear

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Day 2

9:00   Boat Trip to Otter Point and Thumbi West Island


Inwell Allan Gladwell
Cape Maclear Tour Guide Association
Phone: +265 (0) 994 921 252


Otter Point

The guide takes you to the tranquility of the national park.

You can find a variety of colourful Cichlids through snorkelling and fish feeding.

Life jacket and snorkelling mask will be provided.

Thumbi West Island

Move to the second snorkelling point at Thumbi West Island.

After fully enjoying the snorkelling, relax on the Thumbi West Island Beach while the guides prepare wonderful dishes with local fish such as Chambo or Kampango for lunch.

Majestic Fish Eagle

It is a spectacular sight where fish eagles circle the sky and dive into the lake to catch the fish which the guide throw to the lake.

13:00   Souvenir Shopping

Name Art & Craft Shop
Location Next to Annie’s Lodge
Phone +265 (0) 993 947 435
Opening Hours 8:00-16:00 (Mon-Sun)

There is no better way to keep a record or memories of your travel than collecting souvenirs.

14:00   Return to Lilongwe

Begin your journey returning to Lilongwe.

On your way exiting Cape Maclear 2km ahead, there’s a natural geological formation and a national monument called Mwala wa Mphini.

This huge rock, crisscrossed with eroded grooves resembling tribal facial scars.

It is good to take a glance.

4 hour Drive to Lilongwe