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R and L Game Ranch in Lilongwe, Malawi

R and L Game Ranch

About R and L Game Ranch

Name R and L Game Ranch
Address Chiseka Trading Centre, along Bunda road, Lilongwe
Phone +265 (0) 999 604 185

Take a Day Trip to R and L Game Ranch

R and L Game Ranch is a charming farm and game ranch which is located on the outskirts of Lilongwe along Bunda road at Cheseka, about 8km from Bunda roundabout, on your left there is a big sign post of R & L farms.

Take the turn there is a big sign posts its about 2km from the main road.

The farm was opened in 2021 and boasts of a wide variety of exotic and hybrid animals and birds.

At the farm, you also will be enchanted by the brilliant views of Bunda mountain.

Entrance Fee

Citizen / Resident Adults MK4,000
Citizen/ Resident Children under 12 MK2,000
International Adults MK8,000
International Children under 12 MK4,000
School/ Church more than 10 people MK2,000

 What to Do at R and L Game Ranch

1. Take an Animal Tour

The friendly guides are available to take you around the farm while explaining the various species of animals found there.

Some of the animals you will see along this tour are zebras, emus, ostriches, vulture, mongoose, turtles, sable antelopes, guinea fowls, peacocks, rabbits, Japanese bantam, English geese, Francolin spur fowl, parrots, porcupine and more.

2. Go on a Go-Cart Ride

Whether you enjoy adventure or you just like trying new things, R and L farm is the place for you. For a fee of MK4,000 you can ride a go-cart five rounds.

There is a special go-cart track for these rides which is located behind the game ranch.

Enjoy the fresh air away from the city life with incredible views of Bunda mountain as you navigate the go-cart track.

3. Have Some Fun on the Swings

If you visit the farm with children, they can enjoy themselves on the colourful swings. The swings are placed in the middle of the farm so it’s possible to swing while seeing the animals as well.

There are also benches nearby where you can sit while you keep an eye on the swings.

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