Thyolo District

About Thyolo District

Land Area (km2) 1,715km2   (Ranking No.22 / 28 districts)
Population 721,456   (Ranking No.10 / 28 districts)
Population Density 421/km2   (Ranking No.5 / 28 districts)
Literacy Rate 68.16%   (Ranking No.16 / 28 districts)
Electrification Rate 6.85%   (Ranking No.12 / 28 districts)
Water pipe Rate 2.89%   (Ranking No.25 / 28 districts)
*The data is as of 2018.


Thyolo (pronounced “Cho-lo”) is situated about halfway between Mulanje and Blantyre and it offers one of the prettiest drives in Malawi, and is the tea capital of Malawi.

The climate in Thyolo is perfect for growing tea.

The first trees were imported from India during the days of the Nyasaland Protectorate and since then, tea has become one of the biggest industries in Malawi providing employment opportunities for many of the local people.

Today, there are a number of famous tea growing estates in the area, and various estates are open to the public.

Tours give visitors a chance to learn more about the various types of tea and how they are produced.

Tea tastings are an enjoyable and popular part of these tours.

The main tourist focus in the Thyolo area is Satemwa Tea Estate, which was one of the first European land claims registered in Malawi, dating back to 1874, and has been in the same family since 1923, when it was acquired by Maclean Kay, a rubber planter from Mayala.

Visitors to the area can also explore the Thyolo Forest Reserve and the Thyolo Mountain and enjoy some bird watching and hiking.

Thyolo Population by Tribe

Tribe Lomwe Mang’anja Ngoni Yao Others
Percentage 77.23% 12.32% 3.28% 2.08% 5.09%
*The data is as of 2018.

Thyolo Population by Religion

Religion Christian Islam Others No Religion
Percentage 89.56% 2.12% 7.10% 1.22%
*The data is as of 2018.

Tourist Attractions in Thyolo

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