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Chongoni Rock Art & Dedza Pottery, Dedza

Chongoni Rock Art & Dedza Pottery, Dedza

Where to Go

Chongoni Rock Art

Chongoni Rock Art is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 as one of two world heritage sites found in Malawi.

Chongoni Rock Art Area in Dedza, MalawiAbout Chongoni Rock Art Area Basic Information about Chongoni Rock ...

Dedza Pottery

Dedza Pottery is one of the major workshop for Art Safaris in Malawi.

Dedza Pottery in Dedza, MalawiAbout Dedza Pottery Basic Information about Dedza Pottery Dedza Po...

Dedza Weekend Trip Itinerary (2 days)

Day 1
8:00 Departure from Lilongwe to Chongoni Rock Art.
11:00 Explore the Chongoni Rock Art Area
14:00 Move to Dedza Pottery Lodge
15:00 Tea Time at Dedza Pottery Lodge
16:00 Check in to the Lodge
Day 2
9:00 Pottery Tour or Potting Courses at Dedza Pottery
13:00 Lunch at Dedza Pottery Restaurant
14:30 Shopping at Dedza Handmade Art Gallery
15:00 Shopping at liquor shops in Dedza
15:30 Return to Lilongwe
17:30 Arrive at Lilongwe

Day 1

8:00   Departure from Lilongwe to Chongoni Rock Art

There are no signs or landmarks in the rock art area and it is very difficult to find rock arts if you visit for the first time, so it is strongly recommended to ask for a guide.


Samuel Christopher Sodo
Phone: +265 (0) 995 946 889


Time: 3 hour Drive

11:00   Explore the Chongoni Rock Art Area

The Rock Art is one of Malawi’s most neglected national treasures containing 127 rock art sites feature the most concentrated cluster of rock art found in Central Africa.

We visit Namzeze and Chentcherere sites on this trip.

We recommend that you bring your own lunch or snacks and eat it at the Namzeze site.

Namzeze Site

The site is known as a site of male initiation and contains both red paintings of the Twa (Akafula) people and white paintings of the Chewa people.

Some of the red paintings have very fine dots or large numbers of white dots.

Chentcherere Site

The site is painted with life-size white Chewa figures, various shapes, dots, reptiles and large two-coloured (red and white) paintings.

There are also red Twa (Akafula) geometric paintings on the shelter and at the end of the cave. The view from the top of this cave is very beautiful.

14:00   Move to Dedza Pottery Lodge

1 hour Drive to Dedza Pottery Lodge

15:00   Tea Time at Dedza Pottery Lodge

Dedza Pottery and Lodge has onsite restaurant which offers a wide selection of delicious food, cakes, Mzuzu coffee and beverages.

The homemade cheesecake is highly recommended, and some people drive all the way from far away just to eat it.

Working Hours 8:00-19:00 (Mon-Fri), 6:00-20:00 (Sat, Sun)
Phone +265 (0) 888 853 425

16:00   Check in to the Lodge

Lodge Options in Dedza

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Day 2

9:00   Pottery Tour or Potting Courses at Dedza Pottery


Showcase how the products are manufactured.
Base Price USD5 / Additional Fee USD3 per person


Making or decorating pots.
Base Price USD5 / Supervised USD6 per hour, Unsupervised USD4 per hour

13:00   Lunch at Dedza Pottery Restaurant

*Chicken Curry MK5,500

Enjoy your lunch at the restaurant. The restaurant has a beautiful garden in front to help you relax and take in mountain scenery.

14:30   Shopping at Dedza Handmade Art Gallery

This art gallery produces “environmental friendly” notebooks, cards and other items from used paper and goat skin, old cardboard boxes and banana leaf.

The production process can be seen at the back of the shop.

Shopping at Dedza Handmade Art Gallery in DedzaDedza Handmade Art Gallery Name Dedza Handmade Art Gallery...
1 minute Drive to the gallery

15:00   Shopping at Liquor Shops in Dedza

Mozambican beer can be bought cheaply in the liquor shops in Dedza, as it is located near the Dedza border.

Shop Name Peter Okeba Discount Shop
Phone +265 (0) 995 181 485 / +265 996 868 778
Opening Hours 6:00-18:00 (Mon-Sun)
10 minute Drive to the liquor shops

15:30   Return to Lilongwe

2 hour Drive to Lilongwe