Mzimba District in Malawi

All About Mzimba

Basic Information about Mzimba

Land Area (km2) 10,430km2   (Ranking No.1 / 28 districts)
Population 1,157,522   (Ranking No.3 / 28 districts)
Population Density 111/km2   (Ranking No.21 / 28 districts)
Literacy Rate 78.78%   (Ranking No.6 / 28 districts)
Electrification Rate 15.22%   (Ranking No.4 / 28 districts)
Water pipe Rate 8.47%   (Ranking No.9 / 28 districts)
*The data is as of 2018.

Mzimba District is situated at the western base of South Viphya and the land area is the largest of the 28 districts.

Mzimba town is a potential springboard for public transport to Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve, and was once the administrative centre, but it has declined in importance, following the emergence of Mzuzu as the capital of Malawi’s Northern Region and the construction of the new M1 road.

Mzuzu is the third largest city in Malawi, and is about 380km north of Lilongwe and stands at the junction of M1 and the lakeshore road M5.

Travellers heading to Blantyre, Lilongwe, Nkhata Bay, Nyika or Livingstonia, or to and from Tanzania are likely to spend a night here.

The culture of the city is a combination of the northern region.

Chitumbuka is widely spoken in Mzuzu, but being a city, other languages such as Chichewa and Chitonga are also spoken.

Plywood and other timber products from South Viphya are processed by the Raiply Plywood Company which is located at Chikangawa around 70km south from Mzuzu.

It is also the centre of netball in Malawi which is Malawi’s most successful sport.

Most of the players in the national team, including international star Mwai Kumwenda were born and grew up in Mzimba.

Mzimba Population by Tribe

Tribe Tumbuka Chewa Ngoni Tonga Others
Percentage 73.25% 9.19% 6.61% 2.23% 8.72%
*The data is as of 2018.

Mzimba Population by Religion

Religion Christian Islam Others No Religion
Percentage 88.53% 1.72% 9.52% 0.23%
*The data is as of 2018.

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