Malawi Northern Region

About Malawi Northern Region

The Northern Region covers an area of 26,931 km².

It has six districts namely Chitipa, Karonga, Rumphi, Mzimba, Nkhata Bay and Likoma.

District Land Area (km2) Population Population Density
Chitipa 4,288km2 234,927 55/km2
Karonga 3,355km2 365,028 109/km2
Rumphi 4,769km2 229,161 48/km2
Mzimba 10,430km2 1,157,522 111/km2
Nkhata Bay 4,071km2 285,795 70/km2
Likoma 18km2 14,527 807/km2

It borders Tanzania to the north and east, and Zambia to the west.

The headquarter of the northern region is Mzuzu which is the third largest city in Malawi.

Population in the Northern Region by Tribe

Tribe Tumbuka Tonga Chewa Nkhonde Others
Percentage 57.39% 9.58% 6.93% 6.87% 19.23%
*The data is as of 2018.

Economic Activities

The main economic activities in the region include mining of bauxite, uranium, aluminum and kaolinite, production of hydro-electric power, timber and rubber, fishing, making of boats, keeping of livestock (pigs, goats, sheep and cattle) and cultivation of tea, coffee, tobacco, maize, cassava and rice.

Manufacturing of medical products and cosmetics is also common while fishing is a major economic activity in Lake Malawi and Likoma Islands.

Livestock rearing and the processing of related products are common in Karonga and Mzuzu.

Coal mining is done in Livingstonia, boat building and repair in Karonga, and rubber and tobacco processing in Nkhata Bay.

Main Tourist Attractions

The region has one National Park (Nyika National Park) and one Wildlife Reserve (Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve).

Other tourist attractions are Nkhata Bay, Livingstonia, Likoma Island and Karonga Museum.

Districts in the Northern Region

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