5 Best Things to Do in Livingstonia, Malawi – 2023

5 Best Things to Do in Livingstonia

Livingstonia is a town in the Rumphi District of northern Malawi, situated on the Rift Valley escarpment above Lake Malawi.

The view of Lake Malawi below Livingstonia is truly breathtaking.

Livingstonia is a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery, but there is also a wide range of activities and attractions.

This article provides an overview of what to do and where to go in Livingstonia.

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Explore the Town of Livingstonia

Manchewe Falls

Surrounded by lush rainforest in Livingstonia, Manchewe Falls is the highest waterfall in Malawi at 125 metres high.

It rises to an altitude of 1,077 metres.

It is located about 4km from the town of Livingstonia towards Lake Malawi.

The waterfall also has a historical background.

More than 100 years ago, local people used to escape to the caves behind the falls to hide from the slave traders.

Visitors to Livingstonia should not miss this waterfall, which is full of natural beauty.

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Livingstonia Mission Church and Stone House

Livingstonia Mission Church is located on a hill 900m from Lake Malawi.

The church’s main entrance has a beautiful stained glass window depicting David Livingstone with Lake Malawi in the background.

Climbing the tower offers a panoramic view of the city of Livingstonia.

The Old Stone House, built in 1903, was once the home of Dr. Robert Laws for 25 years.

It is now a small museum with fascinating exhibits on the history of Livingstonia.

The Livingstonia Mission Church and the Old Stone House are very close to each other, so plan to visit them at the same time.

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Chombe Plateau

Chombe Plateau is still little known, but from the top of the plateau, the views of Lake Malawi and the surrounding Tanzanian and Mozambican mountains are spectacular and make you forget the long road trip.

Start your hike at Mushroom Farm Ecolodge or at the entrance to Manchewe Falls.

It is approximately 15 km to the top of the plateau.

If you are not confident about the distance, you can take a motorbike taxi to the base.

Bring a lunch box and eat at the top while enjoying the views.

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Relax and Enjoy the Scenery in Livingstonia

The Mushroom Farm Eco-Lodge

Situated on a cliff overlooking Lake Malawi, The Mushroom Farm Eco-Lodge offers visitors an unforgettable opportunity to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature.

The views from the private balconies, hammocks and cliffside restaurant are unforgettable.

The restaurant serves vegetarian dishes made with locally sourced ingredients and has a bar.

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Buy Souvenirs in Livingstonia

Yewo Malawi

Founded in 2018 by Maddy and Kyle, Yewo Malawi is located in Manchewe village, Livingstonia and creates sustainable and ethical jewelry for everyday wear.

Their jewelry products range from elegant and modern earrings, necklaces and bracelets, using both innovative and traditional techniques.

Yewo means “Thank you” in Chitumbuka spoken in northern Malawi, and is pronounced “Yay-Whoa”.

Visit their solar-powered workshop to see the special quality of their products.

Each product is made with the power of artisans and has a special story behind it.

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Find Out More about Livingstonia

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