Malawi Southern Region

About Malawi Southern Region

The Southern Region is the most populated region with a wide variety of landscapes including the highest and lowest points in the country.

It covers an area of 31,753 km² with a total of thirteen districts.

These districts are Mangochi, Balaka, Machinga, Zomba, Phalombe, Mwanza, Neno, BlantyreChiradzulu, Mulanje, Thyolo, Chikwawa and Nsanje.

District Land Area (km2) Population Population Density
Mangochi 6,273km2 1,148,611 183/km2
Balaka 2,193km2 438,379 200/km2
Machinga 3,771km2 735,438 195/km2
Zomba 2,580km2 851,737 330/km2
Phalombe 1,394km2 429,450 308/km2
Mwanza 826km2 130,949 159/km2
Neno 1,469km2 138,291 94/km2
Blantyre 2,012km2 1,251,484 622/km2
Chiradzulu 767km2 356,875 465/km2
Mulanje 2056km2 684,107 333/km2
Thyolo 1,715km2 721,456 421/km2
Chikwawa 4,755km2 564,684 119/km2
Nsanje 1,942km2 299,168 154/km2

The region borders Mozambique to the east, south and south-west.

It also borders Salima, Dedza and Ntcheu districts to the north.

The headquarter of the Southern Region is Blantyre.

Blantyre which is the commercial capital and Zomba which is the old colonial capital, are in the region.

Population in the Southern Region by Tribe

Tribe Lomwe Yao Ngoni Sena Others
Percentage 39.34% 24.92% 8.25% 8.15% 19.33%
*The data is as of 2018.

Economic Activities

Blantyre is Malawi’s centre of finance and commerce.

It is also referred to as the commercial capital of Malawi.

It is the region’s main economic hub with several heavy and light industries.

The main cash crop grown in the region is tobacco.

Other crops include cotton, tea, maize, sugarcane and rice.

Other economic activities include mining (titanium, gold, limestone, fluorite, diatomite, uranium and niobium), production of hydro-electric power, food processing, livestock rearing, fishing, iron and steel production, timber, cement, soap and textile manufacturing, furniture production and irrigation.

Fishing is mainly carried out in Lake Chilwa.

Textile manufacturing is done in Blantyre, Zomba and Chiromo.

Boat building and repair is done at Mpwepwe, Mangochi District.

The region is served by Chileka International Airport in Blantyre and a network of roads that link it to neighbouring countries and other districts.

Main Tourist Attractions

The region has 3 National Parks and 2 Wildlife Reserves namely Lake Malawi National Park, Liwonde National Park, Lengwe National Park, Majete Wildlife Reserve and Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve.

Other Major tourist attractions include Mount Mulanje, Zomba Plateau, Chikala Pillars, Elephant Marsh and Satemwa Tea Estate.

Districts in the Southern Region

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Balaka DistrictAbout Balaka District Land Area (km2) 2,193km2   (Ranking No...
Machinga DistrictAbout Machinga District Land Area (km2) 3,771km2   (Ranking ...
Zomba DistrictAbout Zomba District Land Area (km2) 2,580km2   (Ranking No....
Phalombe DistrictAbout Phalombe District Land Area (km2) 1,394km2   (Ranking ...
Mwanza DistrictAbout Mwanza District Land Area (km2) 826km2   (Ranking No.2...
Neno DistrictAbout Neno District Land Area (km2) 1,469km2   (Ranking No.2...
Blantyre DistrictAbout Blantyre District Land Area (km2) 2,012km2   (Ranking ...
Chiradzulu DistrictAbout Chiradzulu District Land Area (km2) 767km2   (Ranking ...
Mulanje DistrictAbout Mulanje District Land Area (km2) 2,056km2   (Ranking N...
Thyolo DistrictAbout Thyolo District Land Area (km2) 1,715km2   (Ranking No...
Chikwawa DistrictAbout Chikwawa District Land Area (km2) 4,755km2   (Ranking ...
Nsanje DistrictAbout Nsanje District Land Area (km2) 1,942km2   (Ranking No...