The 12 Best Hiking Spots in Malawi

The 12 Best Hiking Spots in Malawi

Malawi offers beautiful and varied landscapes throughout the country.

Many of the hiking and trekking trails are unspoilt and wilderness awaits you, and none of the trails are crowded, so you can have the panorama to yourself from the top.

As well as Mount Mulanje, the highest mountain in the Central African region, and hiking and trekking in national parks and forest reserves, there are also some great places to hike and trek around Lilongwe and Blantyre.

The Mulanje Mountain has mountain huts and can be hiked for several days, while many of the other mountains can be completed in a single day.

The best time to hike in Malawi is during the dry season between April and September, when there is no rain and temperatures are relatively cool.

Here are 12 of the best hiking and trekking trails in Malawi.

1. Mount Mulanje (Mulanje)

Mount Mulanje is the highest mountain in Malawi at 3,002m and is known as the ‘Island in the Sky’.

Mulanje has 6 main trailheads and 10 mountain huts and 62 peaks, including Sapitwa (3,002m), the highest peak in Central Africa, and Chambe Peak on the West Face, Africa’s longest rock climb.

Hiking Mount Mulanje, the highest mountain in MalawiMount Mulanje Overview of Mulanje Mountain Mount Mulanje is the hi...

2. Zomba Plateau (Zomba)

The highest point of the Zomba Plateau reaches 2,087m above sea level.

The plateau is ideal for hiking and birdwatching, and the views from the peak were described in colonial times as ‘the Best in the British Empire’.

Hiking Zomba Plateau (Zomba)Zomba Plateau Going up the Mountain The Zomba Plateau is a h...

3. Chombe Plateau (Rumphi)

Located in Livingstonia, Rumphi District, the Chombe Plateau is still not well known, but from the top of the plateau, the view of Lake Malawi and the surrounding mountains of Tanzania and Mozambique is spectacular and will make you forget the long way up.

Hiking Chombe Plateau (Livingstonia, Rumphi)Chombe Plateau Going up the Mountain Located in Livingstonia, Ru...

4. Dzalanyama Forest Reserve (Lilongwe)

Dzalanyama Forest Reserve is perfect destination to feel nature and have some healthy exercises such as walking, trekking or mountain biking with your family or friend, even alone.

The forest is approximately 60km from Lilongwe.

Day Trip to Dzalanyama Forest ReserveWhere to Go Are you looking for a refreshing day visit away from th...

5. Dedza Mountain (Dedza)

Dedza Mountain is a 2,198 metre high mountain and most of the mountain is covered with planted pines, but there is a variety of wildflowers along the roadside to keep you entertained on the hike to the top.

On a clear day, the hike up the mountain offers spectacular views of Lake Malawi and Mozambique to the east and the Zomba Plateau and Mulanje to the south.

Hiking Dedza Mountain (Dedza)Dedza Mountain Going up the Mountain Dedza Mountain is a 2,1...

6. Nkhoma Mountain (Lilongwe)

Nkhoma Mountain, about 60 kilometres from Lilongwe, is one of the most worth climbing mountains around Lilongwe.

Hiking Nkhoma Mountain (Lilongwe)Nkhoma Mountain Going up the Mountain The Nkhoma Mountain hike u...

7. Bunda Mountain (Lilongwe)

Bunda Mountain hike is short and easy for experienced hikers.

We recommend this mountain for beginners due to its short distance.

The breathtaking views and cool clean breeze you will experience on this hike are unforgettable.

Hiking Bunda Mountain (Lilongwe)Bunda Mountain Going up the Mountain The Bunda Mountain hike is ...

8. Ngala Hill (Lilongwe)

Ngala Hill is a mountain in Lilongwe, estimated to be 1,560 metres high.

It is a steep 4km climb to the top of Ngala Hill and you will need to use all your limbs to get to the top.

The hill is visible from the M1 and is known for its crevasses, which look like smiling mouths.

Hiking Ngala Hill (Lilongwe)Ngala Hill Going up the Mountain Ngala Hill is a mountain in Lil...

9. Michiru Mountain (Blantyre)

At an altitude of 1,460m, Michiru Mountain is located 8km north-west of Blantyre Township and is the closest nature reserve to Blantyre.

The area is the only remaining mountain around Blantyre that still has indigenous forest and some wildlife a.

There are several routes to the top, but the most popular one is called ‘The Way of the Cross / Njira ya Mtanda’.

Hiking Michiru Mountain (Blantyre)Michiru Mountain Going up the Mountain At an altitude of 1,460m,...

10. Mount Soche (Blantyre)

At 1530m high, Mount Soche is the closest mountain to Blantyre Township and the summit offers spectacular views of the Township.

The mountain is visited by many locals to pray, and once you enter the mountain you will feel a different atmosphere to other mountains in Malawi.

Hiking Mount Soche (Blantyre)Mount Soche Going up the Mountain At 1530m high, Mount Soche is ...

11. Ndirande Mountain (Blantyre)

Ndirande Mountain is a 1,609m high mountain in the Blantyre District.

This is a good mountain for those who want to do a day hike from the Blantyre area with family or friends at the weekend.

It is the third most popular mountain for hiking in Blantyre after Michiru Mountain and Mount Soche.

Hiking Ndirande Mountain (Blantyre)Ndirande Mountain Going up the Mountain Ndirande Mountain is a 1...

12. Kasungu Hill (Kasungu)

Lilongwe has several worthwhile hiking spots including Bunda Mountain, Nkhoma mountain and Ngala mountain.

If you have climbed all of them and are looking for your next mountain to climb around Lilongwe, Kasungu Hill is the place for you.

From the summit you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kasungu.

Hiking Kasungu Hill (Kasungu)Kasungu Hill Going up the Mountain Lilongwe has several worthwhi...